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No pet has to be approved for pet insurance? Or all insurance companies have?

I wondered if I had to file pet insurance, if it works like regular health insurance human. I have one year of English Bulldog 7 years. I think his age is beginning to take its toll on him (Arthritis, hip dysplasia, etc.) Addition has been alone and I''m also intend to get another bulldog to keep him company (preferably an old one) Is it too late to apply? Is it even worth it?

All pets for almost any pet insurance company will have to be approved by your department subscription before offering you a policy, if one at all. Medical records request your veterinarian (s) to see what the insurance company ''re getting into. If the pet is too much of a risk, you can deny coverage all together or offer a policy of increased premiums. If offered a policy, current medical problems will never be covered (= pre-existing) and there would be no genetic problem. Some companies add a surcharge to the races particularly with increased health problems (although the sound right now) and an English Bulldog definitely fit that bill. Each company sets guidelines different in age – some do not write a policy at all after a certain age, while others charge a pet more than a certain age. Each pet insurance is a bit different from others so the best way to get answers is to contact directly each. Sometimes Sales people will be able to answer your questions, but ultimately, subscription services have final determination on all pets.

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