Shiela Davis' Story...

Shiela Davis' Story...

Sheila is a mother of 4. Her diet lasted 20 weeks

Shiela Davis - Age: 40, mother of four

I have achieved many goals in my life. Going through this program has been one of the most satisfying of all.

Before starting the program, my goal was to look and feel the best that I have ever looked and felt in my life by November 22, 2001. That''s the day I will be forty years old.

Now, ten months and some thirty pounds lighter, my goal is to stay in this shape for the rest of my life. Honestly, I never would have imagined that I could look the way I look today after having four kids. Psychologically, I have never felt more secure and self-confident as I do now. I look at my ''before and after'' pictures and can''t believe that person is me.

I have always been very much into aerobics. By late January I was up to ninety minutes of cardio a day, five days a week and thirty minutes of weight training two times a week. In addition to my workout schedule, I was on a very low calorie diet, some days as low as 600 calories. Frustrated with not seeing any results in either body weight or body fat, I stopped by the M&M Sports Nutrition store to purchase powered protein.

The salesman (Jonathan) must have sensed my frustration because after talking with me for a few minutes he suggested that I fill out a diet analysis and have two days of food intake examined by Bart Hanks (owner of M&M Sports Nutrition). He even showed me before and after pictures of some of his clients that were hung on the wall.

I started my weekly meeting with Bart in February, 2001. First he explained to me that my body had probably shut down because of lack of food and excessive cardio work. He reduced my cardio to two times per week for thirty minutes only. Throughout the entire program I did three days of weight training with a personal trainer as well.

Phase one of the program was to raise my metabolism, increasing my caloric intake slowly up to where I was taking in 2,800 calories a day by week twelve. Phase two of the program was to diet and drop body weight and fat. The word ''diet'' is really misleading because I was rotating between 1,400 to 2,000 calories a day, so I was still able to eat lots of clean food. Phase three, which I am on now, is to slowly raise my caloric intake back up.

None of this would have been possible without Bart Hanks. He helped me change my misconceptions about food, eating, my body and training. I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact this change has made in my entire life.

In the past ten months my whole life has gone through a major transformation and as a result I have gained invaluable knowledge that I will carry with me forever. I will never let food and exercise control my life. I no longer feel guilty if I miss a day at the gym because I know through practice and personal experience that 75% of how I look and feel depends on the food that I eat and the rest, 25% is what I do at the gym.

Thank you Bart, as I could not have done it without you.

Shiela Davis