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Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: Northrop P-61C Black Widow

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Compare & contrast:

Northrop P-61C Black widow:
* Front view
* Above view

I put it to you that they’re the SAME THING.

* twin engines
* double-cockpit in front
* gunner’s cockpit in back
* broad wing coming out from the middle

Quoting Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Northrop P-61C Black Widow:

The P-61 Black Widow was the first U.S. aircraft designed to locate and destroy enemy aircraft at night and in bad weather, a feat made possible by the use of on-board radar. The prototype first flew in 1942. P-61 combat operations began just after D-Day, June 6, 1944, when Black Widows flew deep into German airspace, bombing and strafing trains and road traffic. Operations in the Pacific began at about the same time. By the end of World War II, Black Widows had seen combat in every theater and had destroyed 127 enemy aircraft and 18 German V-1 buzz bombs.

The Museum’s Black Widow, a P-61C-1-NO, was delivered to the Army Air Forces in July 1945. It participated in cold-weather tests, high-altitude drop tests, and in the National Thunderstorm Project, for which the top turret was removed to make room for thunderstorm monitoring equipment.

Transferred from the United States Air Force.

Northrop Aircraft Inc.


Country of Origin:
United States of America

Overall: 450 x 1500cm, 10637kg, 2000cm (14ft 9 3/16in. x 49ft 2 9/16in., 23450.3lb., 65ft 7 3/8in.)

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So what’s the first step? You have to be realistic. There’s no magic involved. You will not lose five inches from your waist by next Tuesday. You will not lose 20 pounds by the end of the month. Not even giving up food altogether will produce these results unless you want to wreck your health and risk death. When setting a target for yourself, make it achievable. This means hoping to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week. That’s between 4 and 8 pounds a month. It might sound slow but, if you could keep it up, that between 24 and 48 pounds at the end of six months. For most people, that’s about 10% of their current body weight. Keeping this real, that’s actually quite a tough target. The majority of people find they lose weight for the first three months and then hit a barrier. So, when it comes to writing in your diary, aim for 4 pounds a month for the first three months and then see how you feel. The psychology is important. If you feel you are not making the expected progress, it’s easy to lose motivation. After three months, aim not to put the weight back on and hope for some further losses. A target of 5% of body weight lost is usually achievable. That will be a satisfying result.

In pursuing this target, think about how you’re going to use Meridia. This is an excellent weight loss drug but it’s more a support for your motivation. By suppressing your appetite, it lets you get on with your life without any discomfort distracting you. But you still have to get the diet right and follow an exercise program to burn off those extra calories you are carrying around. Weight loss is possible with Merida so long as you are realistic about your target.

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  • DC Sport Air Intake Systems provide the best of both worlds in heat protection and improved breathability. Every kit includes a air filter that requires no oil, therefore no chance in contaminating the mass air flow sensor which can result in loss of power and higher fuel consumption.
  • ? No oil necessary for filtration, therefore no chance in contaminating the Mass Air Follow Sensor which can result in loss of power and higher fuel consumption. ? Washable and reusable. ? Filtration as small as one micron ? Aluminum alloy construction, making it immune to corrosion. ? Built in velocity stack to dramatically increase air flow rates. ? Built in funnel top to direct air flow into the velocity stack. ? Stainless steel mesh to aid in strength and longevity of the filter filament.
  • ? One piece aluminum alloy construction. ? Corrosion resistant. ? Polished to show quality finish. ? Improves throttle response. ? Increases horse power without increasing fuel consumption. ? Cuts OE intake system weight by more than half.

Fits the following models:

G35 03-06
350Z 03-06

List Price: $ 154.99

Price: $ 154.99

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