"natural therapies"

Long ago we used to hear the sages amongst us say about the apple keeping the doctor away. We don’t hear them anymore though the fact is that the good old apple is still the miracle fruit fighting against a number of ailments the most notable one being irregular blood pressure. Bite and chew an apple once a day and make sure you have a hearty glass of apple juice with your dinner; your blood pressure will be on even keel all through your life. Apple juice still remains an all time favorite and one of the most preferred natural juices for high blood pressure.

There are a plenty of other natural remedies as well. The good old garlic is one of the oldest enemies of blood pressure. One clove of raw garlic chewed once daily is enough to keep your blood pressure at normal levels. Celery is believed to have an equally inimical relationship with high blood pressure and it has been clinically proved that a measured dose of celery over a week can actually correct the systolic and the diastolic levels in blood pressure.

Amongst the common natural therapies for blood pressure, it is believed that a combination of dietary and nutritional supplements and regular exercise will keep blood pressure away without any side effects. An active session of Yoga every day is said to keep blood pressure levels at normal. Practicing yoga daily in the correct way not only has a good effect on blood pressure it has a magical effect on the entire body and helps in significant improvement of life expectancy and longevity

One of the best “natural juices for high blood pressure” cures is raw spinach juice. One cannot exaggerate the effect of an early morning dose of spinach juice when you return home from your daily fitness routine. Spinach gives you the much needed arsenal to fight any incorrect movement in blood pressure levels.

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