Who made the mistake of ordering pizza on super bowl sunday?

Who made the mistake of ordering pizza on super bowl sunday?

Who made the mistake of ordering pizza on super bowl sunday?

So i ordered from dominos– i know not the best place, but they take cards online/over the phone and we had no cash. Anyways, we ordered at 5pm -1 hour b4 superbowl (eastern time), right now it is 745pm, no pizza, can not reach store to cancel, and no food! I used to work at dominos when i was a teen and i remeber the super bowl, and it was never THAT bad!

I am not mad at the guy who delivers, like i said i worked in food service so i know whats up, i am mad at the management for running the store so poorly and not even picking up the phones, that is wrong.

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Yeah, I learned that lesson in 1984. It’ll be okay. Next time, you’ll know. Don’t yell at the delivery person.

Pizza?? That would take up too much room. Need to save the room in the belly for beer!!!

I have never made that mistake.

Its their fault, so many people are ordering, just wait, dont get mad, Im sure theirs many people having the seem problem, no need to get mad at the guy delivering it, he doesnt doesnt deserve it.

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